Burial Options

A burial is a service that has many options.  Cemeteries provides many options including ground burials, mausoleums, private estates, lawn crypts or permanent placements of cremated remains.  While there are numerous burial traditions across cultures, a common theme is to provide a permanent resting place for honoring and remembering your Loved One.  Establishing one of the places for you, your family members and loved ones can go to visit and remember the person who has passed.

Choice for burial options can vary greatly depending on your preference and budget.  Some of the options, as explained in funeralbasics.org are available:

  • Single burial space-used for burial of one person or cremated remain
  • Double-depth space- used for two individual persons, one buried at a deeper depth and the other buried at normal depth on top of the first
  • Family Lot—A designated area used for multiple family members
  • Mausoleum—a building public or private for above ground placement of caskets in crypt spaces
  • Columbarium- a building public or private for above ground placement of cremains in niche spaces

Permanent Placement of Cremains

Permanent Placement of Cremains

It is not uncommon for a Family to initially keep the cremated remains of their Loved One in an urn in their home.  While this can be helpful during the initial grief process, it is important to have a permanent place to keep your loved ones cremated remains.  Cemeteries offers several options for the permanent placement of the cremains so that the family members will have a place to pay their respects to their Loved Ones .  Please ask about our columbarium niches and second rights of interment.

There are several reasons why one may choose to place cremains in a cemetery:

  • A dedicated place of remembrance:  Placing cremains in a cemetery provides a dedicated place for loved ones to visit and remember the deceased.  This can offer a sense of comfort and closure, especially for those who may not have a physical gravesite to visit.
  • Permanence and security:  By placing cremains in a cemetery, they are protected and secured in perpetuity, ensuring that they will not be lost or damaged.  This can provide peace of mind for family members and loved ones.
  • Family tradition and preference:  Some families may have a long-standing tradition of burial or interment in a specific cemetery, or may simply prefer the idea of having a physical location to visit and honor their loved one.
  • Ease of future planning:  Placing cremains in a cemetery can also simplify future planning for family members.  It eliminates the need for family members to make decisions about what to do with the remains in the future, and provides a clear plan for future generations to follow.

Overall, the permanent placement of cremains  provides a sense of comfort, permanence, security and tradition for both the deceased and their loved ones.

Memorials and Grave Markers

Memorials and Grave Markers

Memorials or Grave Markers are permanent, personalized tributes to love ones that are placed on their interment space.  The manner, size and placement of these memorials are governed by the rules and regulations of the cemetery.  These memorials or grave markers are purchased separately from the cemetery property.  

Cemetery memorials or markers may be personalized to reflect the interests and personality of the person who passed away, and may include quotes, images, or other elements that are meaningful to their family and loved ones.  They serve as a lasting reminder of the person’s life and legacy, and provide a place for family and friends to pay their respects and honor their memory.

Cemeteries offer markers in a variety of materials, shapes, colors and designs.  Cost of the markers or memorials vary according to a number of factors including, materials, size, designs and customization.